Italy weather analysis Autumn 2018

In this article I am going to analyse the temperatures observed in Autumn 2018. I have extracted temperature data (minimum and maximum) for each main city in every region in Italy, and plotted the results. To notice that this is only a general overview, which doesn’t consider differences between mountainous regions and the plains or the local climate.

The anomaly is calculated with respect to the long term average 1971-2000 for each city.

It is clear how all the three months have observed temperatures anomalies well above the average (for both max and min temperatures) mostly everywhere. Only in southern Italy negative anomalies (-0.5/-1.0 °C) have been observed (especially in September); instead in the north (in particular in the N.W. Alps), the anomalies have reached +5 °C especially in September and November. This is strictly related with what found in the Autumn analysis in N.E. Italy.

In summary, the last Autumn has been very mild especially in the north, with continuos significant positive anomaly in both maximum and minimum temperatures due to the presence of the high-pressure positioned in the western Mediterranean (in September) and to the southerly winds (in October and November) which have brought lot of rain but very mild temperatures.