Italy weather forecast 30/10/2018

A cold front crosses the country during the night bringing cooler temperatures and more settled conditions especially during the late part of the day, with a high pressure forming north of the Alps.

During the night still moderate/intense rainfall on the prealps (from the west to the east) and Toscana, instead lighter rain on the Po valley, Liguria and Tyrrenian coast from Lazio to Campania. Some rain also in Sardinia and Salento (here moderate/intense). During the morning and afternoon rainfall is still expected in the North-east (especially Dolomites and Carnia) and Tuscany, though less intense. Some rain expected in Toscana, Lazio and Umbria.

By evening, brighter conditions mostly everywhere, though with some rainfall approaching Piemonte and Val D’Aosta.

The snow limit, due to the colder air, will decrease rapidly in the Alps (1200 m on the west and 1500 on the east, though probably lower in the narrowest valleys and in case of intense precipitation). Some snow expected also in northern Appennine above 1500-1600 m.

The minimum temperatures will decrease, with values between (6-16 °C )in the north, (highest values are in Liguria), (8-16 °C) in Central Italy and (12-20°C) in the South, with highest values in Puglia. Also the maximum values will decrease with (12-18 °C) in the north, (14-20 °C ) in Central Italy (highest values on the Adriatic) and (18-22 °C) in the south (highest values in Puglia). By the evening the minimum temperatures will be reached also thank to brighter skies: (6-13 °C) in the North, (6-15 °C) in Central Italy and (12-18 °C) in the south.

During the night the winds will still strong in the Adriatic and Tyrrenian Sea, though decreasing during the morning (turning westerly in the Tyrrenian sea, instead still south easterly on the Adriatic).

UK Weather forecast 30/10/2018

The low pressure system positioned in the central Mediterranean sea is moving northward towards the Baltic sea. However, the UK won’t be interested directly, especially the western part, thus settled weather is expected.

However, the east of England and Scotland will see showers during the day as long as an increase in the wind speed and cloudy conditions are expected overnight and early morning especially in England. In the rest of the country settled conditions with bright sky especially in the west (Wales, Cornwall), though from the evening some showers are possible in Northern Ireland and Western Scotland due to an occluded front moving eastward.

Due to cloudier sky, minimum temperatures will see an increase, with values mostly between (2-8 °C, highest values on the east coast) and only in Wales, Scotland it could be reach (-1,-2 °C). During the day instead, maximum temperatures will be still below 10 °C mostly everywhere, with 3-5 °C expected on the Highlands.

The winds will be mostly northerly and light, but on the east of England and Scotland with moderate winds especially during early afternoon.

Italy weather forecast 29/10/2018

A low-pressure system is moving north-eastward from Baleari Islands, bringing strong winds and intense rainfall especially in Northern Italy and Toscana. During the day, a cold front will reach the western part of the peninsula, moving towards the Balkans by evening, causing a decrease in temperatures.

During the night rainfall is expected in NW Italy, Toscana, Lazio, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sardinia, with moderate rainfall on the prealps and Liguria. During the morning, rainfall is expected in all northern Italy and most of central Italy with intense rainfall in the prealps and Liguria. In the afternoon, moderate/intense rainfall is expected especially in Veneto, Trentino, Friuli, Emilia, Toscana, Lazio and Umbria and from mid-afternoon moderate rainfall is expected in Sicilia. More settled conditions instead in the south-east. During the evening breaks in rainfall are expected in Emilia Romagna, Piemonte/Liguria, Sicilia, instead elsewhere unsettled conditions are expected, with moderate/intense rainfall still in North-eastern Italy.

Due to the colder air coming from the west, a decrease in the snow limit is expected. During the night/morning snowfall above 2000-2200 m is expected in Val D’Aosta, Piemonte and Lombardia, instead above 2500-2700 on the Dolomites. During the early afternoon, before the coming of the cold front an increase in the snow limit is expected (2500 on the west, 2800 on the east), instead from the afternoon the cooler air will decrease the snow limit by late evening (1200 in Piemonte, 1500 in Lombardia and 1700-1800 in Northeastern Italy). Some snow possible also in the Appennines in Emilia, above 1800 m.

The temperatures will still be very mild, especially in central-southern Italy, and the minimum values will be reached during late evening. In the morning expected (12-18 °C) in Northern Italy, (14-20 °C) in Central Italy and (14-22 °C) in Southern Italy. The maximum will be (16-20 °C) in the north, (16-22 °C) in central Italy, with the highest values on the adriatic coast due to less precipitation and winds coming from the Appennines and (20-24 °C) in the south, with highest values in Molise, Puglia and northern Sicilia. Finally, on late evening (10-14 °C) in the north, (12-16°C) in Central Italy and (14-22 °C) in the south, with the highest values in Puglia.

Finally the winds will be very strong during the night and morning in the Tyrrenian Sea and southern Adriatic (southerly), instead easterlies and light in the Po valley. In the afternoon increase in the southerlies in the Adriatic, instead in the Genova Gulf strong westerlies are expected. By evening, decrease in the wind speed mostly everywhere, though still moderate in the Genova Gulf (westerlies), Tyrrenian Sea (south-westerly) and central-south Adriatic (southerly).

UK forecast 29/10/2018

An anticyclone positioned over Scandinavia brings quite settled conditions over the UK, though with still low temperatures. However, during the day showers are expected on the eastern side of the UK, from Scotland to the English Channel, instead brighter conditions are expected in the rest of the country. From the evening, an increase in cloud cover is expected from the south-east, though with no precipitation.

The minimum temperatures will be steady, with values between 0-5 °C mostly everywhere (possible -1,-3 °C in the Highlands and Wales, instead 6-8 °C along the coast in southern England). The maximum temperatures will be still below 10 °C everywhere, with lowest values in Scotland (3-5 °C on the Highlands).

Finally, the winds will be easterly/north-easterly over England, southerly in Scotland, and they will be light, though in Western Scotland, especially in the morning, they will be moderate (30-40 mph).