Italy: warm week before possible cold spell

Today and the next ones are going to be mild, with both minimum and maximum temperatures above the average, after the short cold period occurred during the last week of November. As we can see from the satellite imagery of this afternoon (Figure1), showers have occurred in central-southern Italy, especially along the Appennines, instead in the north clear skies were mostly dominant, except for some fog along the Po valley during the night/early morning. On the west (towards Spain) a high pressure system is moving eastward, bringing very mild (Tropical) air in the Mediterranean region.

Figure1. Satellite imagery of this afternoon (Sat24).

The temperatures are already well above the average (especially in central-northern Italy and in the Alps), with maximum values above 10 °C mostly everywhere and close to 20 °C in Sardinia (Figure2). Temperatures (both minimum and maximum) will increase also tomorrow and this condition should last until the weekend (when colder air is expected from Central-Europe).  The anomalies are between 2/5 °C above the average. Only in Emilia Romagna and extreme S. Italy the maximum temperatures are closer to the normal values for December.

Figure2. Temperatures in Italy this afternoon (Meteociel).

The next days the weather conditions won’t change, with still mild air coming from the mid-Atlantic and N. Africa causing only few showers (especially on the Alps and Appennines) and high temperatures (for this month) with the 0 °C level above 3000 m on the western Alps both tomorrow and Friday, and no frost at low levels is expected. Moreover, in some areas (especially in Sardinia and Sicily) the maximum temperatures might reach 20 °C, especially tomorrow.

From the weekend, colder air coming from central Europe should reach the Alps, causing unsettled weather in the north (snow above 800-1000 m), and leading to a decrease in temperatures towards the average values. 

For next week a colder air mass might reach the Mediterranean region, decreasing the temperatures towards values below the average, but it is still too early to talk about it in a detailed way.

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I am Edoardo and I am passionate about weather analysis and forecasing. I would like to share my knowledge and to learn more with others (both International and Italian community).

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