Italy weather condition

After the first cold spell of the season, temperatures have increased during the week, especially in central-southern Italy. This afternoon (Figure1) very warm temperatures were observed especially in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia (locally above 20°C) instead in the north temperatures were between (7-13°C) moving from Piemonte to the Adriatic coast, thus around the climatological average.

Figure1. Maximum temperatures on Friday (Meteociel).

This difference is mainly due to two different type of weather systems over the Mediterranean region (Figure2).  In the south, the high pressure positioned between Tunisia and Sicily brings warm, dry air from N. Africa towards the south of the peninsula. In the north instead, a low pressure system positioned north of the Alps leads moist and colder air towards  the south-east from France, causing overcast conditions and rainfall especially on the Alpine region and N.W. Italy, with snow on the Alps (above 1200-1600 m).

Figure2. Satellite image of this afternoon (Sat24).

This situation will last also tomorrow, with humid and chilly conditions in the north, and milder elsewhere, though with showers moving southward especially on the Tyrrhenian coast.

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I am Edoardo and I am passionate about weather analysis and forecasing. I would like to share my knowledge and to learn more with others (both International and Italian community).

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