Today has been cold and wet in many places, with showers and some snow on the hills, with temperatures (especially in England and Wales) below or close to 5°C most of the day.

Tomorrow, the weather will be still wet in Scotland, N. Ireland and N. England with the occluded front moving northward (Figure1); also in S.W. England showers are possible (notice the trough, Figure1). However, the winds will tend to turn from the south, with milder air replacing the continental, due to a low-pressure system positioned north-west of Spain. This will cause a slight increase in temperatures, especially in S. England, compared with today, though it will be still cold.

Figure1. Synoptic chart for tomorrow midday (Met Office).

During the night showers are still possible mostly everywhere, with the most intense precipitation on N.E. England and later in the morning on Scotland; drier in central-southern England, but with still some showers possible during the day especially in the South-west. Showers also in N. Ireland (especially during the night and morning) and Wales.

The snow limit will raise, during the day. However, during the night and early morning some snow at low levels (200-300 m a.s.l) might be possible (depending on the intensity of the precipitation) in S. England and Wales. Snow also in the highlands and N. England but at higher altitudes (400-500 m a.s.l). However, from the afternoon drier conditions are expected (especially in England) and by evening only in Scotland and N. Ireland could see still some showers, instead clear skies elsewhere.

The temperatures in the morning will be between (0-5°C) mostly everywhere, with higher values on eastern England, N. Scotland and N. Ireland (3-8°C). During the day, the maximum values should slightly increase in England (5-9°C) and be similar to Tuesday elsewhere (4-8°C). However, during the evening, due to brighter conditions there will be a decrease in temperature in England, with values close to 0°C in some areas.

The winds will turn southerly in England during the morning, and later in the day S.E. mostly everywhere. They will be light in England, and moderate in Scotland and Irish Channel (25-35 mph).

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I am Edoardo and I am passionate about weather analysis and forecasing. I would like to share my knowledge and to learn more with others (both International and Italian community).

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