Sunday has been pleasant for many in England, instead clouds and rainfall have dominated in Scotland. In Figure1 we can see the occluded front moving eastward towards the Northern sea, with still clouds on Scotland, and brighter skies behind the front (cumulus on England and Wales). To look at the cloud system west of Ireland which will bring unsettled conditions tomorrow.

A low pressure system is approaching the UK during the night, though it will remain mostly on the Atlantic. However, it will bring unsettled conditions especially on Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland (Figure2).


Figure1. This afternoon situation (Sat24).


Figure2. Synoptic chart for tomorrow midday (Met Office).

During the night and morning showers are expected on the Irish Channel, Northern Ireland, Western Scotland and Wales. During the afternoon still showers are expected in these areas, but moving eastward towards southern England (mainly Cornwall and south west), Northern England. In the evening still showers in these areas, instead settled conditions on the east.

Due to the mild nature of the air (Returning polar maritime) temperatures won’t be cold, with minimum values between (5-8°C) in Scotland and Northern Ireland, (7-12°C) in England and Wales. The maximum will be (7-11 °C) in Scotland and Northern Ireland, (10-14°C) in Wales and England, with highest values observed in the southeast  and east-midlands due to brighter conditions.

The winds will be south-westerly most of the day, light. Moderate on the Irish Channel from the afternoon and English Channel from early the evening.

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