Italy weather forecast 30/10/2018

A cold front crosses the country during the night bringing cooler temperatures and more settled conditions especially during the late part of the day, with a high pressure forming north of the Alps.

During the night still moderate/intense rainfall on the prealps (from the west to the east) and Toscana, instead lighter rain on the Po valley, Liguria and Tyrrenian coast from Lazio to Campania. Some rain also in Sardinia and Salento (here moderate/intense). During the morning and afternoon rainfall is still expected in the North-east (especially Dolomites and Carnia) and Tuscany, though less intense. Some rain expected in Toscana, Lazio and Umbria.

By evening, brighter conditions mostly everywhere, though with some rainfall approaching Piemonte and Val D’Aosta.

The snow limit, due to the colder air, will decrease rapidly in the Alps (1200 m on the west and 1500 on the east, though probably lower in the narrowest valleys and in case of intense precipitation). Some snow expected also in northern Appennine above 1500-1600 m.

The minimum temperatures will decrease, with values between (6-16 °C )in the north, (highest values are in Liguria), (8-16 °C) in Central Italy and (12-20°C) in the South, with highest values in Puglia. Also the maximum values will decrease with (12-18 °C) in the north, (14-20 °C ) in Central Italy (highest values on the Adriatic) and (18-22 °C) in the south (highest values in Puglia). By the evening the minimum temperatures will be reached also thank to brighter skies: (6-13 °C) in the North, (6-15 °C) in Central Italy and (12-18 °C) in the south.

During the night the winds will still strong in the Adriatic and Tyrrenian Sea, though decreasing during the morning (turning westerly in the Tyrrenian sea, instead still south easterly on the Adriatic).

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I am Edoardo and I am passionate about weather analysis and forecasing. I would like to share my knowledge and to learn more with others (both International and Italian community).

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